WHO DAT SAID THEY GONE BEAT THEM, SAINTS? How about a SEVENTH straight win for New Orleans as they defeated their hated rivals in the Atlanta Falcons in week 11.

Each week of this season I'll be following the emotions and taking the temperature of Who Dat Nation and making you a parody video to convey the emotional roller coaster.

It was quite the emotional game on Sunday as the Saints had to play it without their Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees and enter NOT Jameis Winston but Taysom Hill who got the start under center.

Taysom Hill may have come into this game the major story of this game but it was the defense that shined the brightest as they dominated the turn style like offensive line for the Falcons.

Hill was fine in this game but it was nice to see Michael Thomas have his first Michael Thomas like game of the season.

Also, former Falcons wide receiver needs to just delete his Twitter account after the performance his former team put up in Week 11 and made him eat his words. Petty Sean Payton is the best Sean Payton. Mask up, kids.

In case you missed it this week check it out here:


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