With the announcement by Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White that he would be resigning in March, the members of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education would have to begin the search for a new person to fill the post.

Members of BESE gathered together Thursday in a special meeting to decide their next steps.

It was determined at that meeting that they would form a work group of four members of the board who would be tasked with starting the search, developing what qualifications are desired and how long the whole process will take.

The four members who will make up the group are BESE members Ronnie Morris, Doris Voitier, Kira Orange and Jim Garvey.

The President of the BESE Board, Sandy Holloway had the following to say,

The selection of a new State Superintendent is the first and most important order of business for our new Board. Our objective is to appoint a proven leader who will build on the progress Louisiana has made over the past eight years, and we aim to accomplish this through a process that is expedient, but also very thorough and transparent. Continuity for our students and educators is key, and the Board will work toward a goal of having a selection made by the time Superintendent White departs in March.

The group of four, called the Superintendent Selection Work Group, will be development the qualifications criteria, then screening applicants who will be seeking the post along with deciding rules about the process.

The BESE Board will then hear about the proposals the group has come up with at the regular meeting scheduled for the end of January.

The group of four was selected by the BESE Board President, and Holloway has selected member Orange Jones to serve as the chairman of the work group.

Superintendent John White's last day at his post is going to be March 11, 2020.


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