While Labor Day Weekend can be a time for relaxing and having fun, Lafayette Consolidated Government Officials don't want you to let your guard down when it comes to mosquitoes and the West Nile virus.

Officials say that West Nile is widespread in Lafayette Parish this year, as well as across the state. You are advised to follow the five Ds:

·       Dusk and Dawn (avoid being outdoors when mosquitoes are seeking blood, for most species this is during the dusk and dawn hours).  There are mosquitoes that bit during the day.
·       Dress (wear light-colored clothing that covers exposed skin)
·       DEET (use mosquito repellents including DEET on skin when you are outside)
·       Drainage (check your home and yard to rid it of standing water in which mosquitoes can lay their eggs).

For more information regarding mosquitoes and West Nile Virus or to request additional mosquito spraying in your area, please contact Mosquito Control Contractors, Inc. at 337-593-0123 or on their web site, MCCI.info.

For the record, the department of health and hospitals reports there have been eight
new West Nile cases this week, bringing this year's total to 21.