The good folks at Only In Your State put together the ultimate list of strange city names in Louisiana. I would Imagine the hours spent studying the map of highways and byways that make up our great state. Did you know there is a town named Waterproof?

Back in the 1830s, one of the most popular spots for covered wagons to cross the Mississippi River was just north of present-day Natchez, and after crossing, they’d stop on the other side. Often this area was under water, and on one such occasion, Abner Smalley, one of the early settlers, stood high dry on a small strip of land waiting for a steamboat to make its stop. The boat captain cried out, "Well Abner, I see you're waterproof," and that's how the name of this town was born.

Others on the list include: Mowata, Krotz Springs, and Grosse Tete.


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