Full disclosure, my nephew is a baby Ross from friends. He is a paleontologist waiting to happen. His obsession with dinosaurs knows no bounds. I have tried to stump him when it comes to dinosaurs but I realized that can't be the case. When I found out about a park that was made for kids just like him I knew I had to look into it.

Families from the Ark-La-Tex have been making the 3-hour drive to Prehistoric Park. I've seen several photos and all I can think about is "Jurrasic Park" the movie franchise. Did they film part of the movie here? I have so many questions.

The Dinosaur-themed park boasts massive replicas of the most popular dinosaurs your kid has probably obsessed over. It won't just be your kid obsessing over these amazing beasts, I think most parents can find enjoyment in the park as well. Who doesn't want to learn and enjoy a fun day out in the Bayou state at the same time?

According to the Prehistoric Park Facebook page, this place will help you get your workout in, there will be a lot of walking in store for you. "With approximately 12 acres to explore, you will find yourself wandering amongst some of the most feared predators ever to walk the planet." Prehistoric Park is located at 1135 North Barn Road, Henderson Louisiana.

If you're out of luck when it comes to borrowing a niece or nephew to head out to the Prehistoric Park, you can take some of your favorite buddies. Who says that the Prehistoric Park isn't the perfect excuse for a mini road trip with Instagram-worthy photos?

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