It will happen to you with your first step out of the front door this morning. As you step from the air-cooled comfort of your home into the outside atmosphere you will feel it. It's "air you can wear" it's thick with humidity and it didn't really cool down that much during the nighttime hours.

Such is the case for Summer in South Louisiana. We aren't surprised by the fact that all of South Louisiana is under an excessive heat advisory today. After all, it is July but even by July standards, it's pretty warm. High Temperatures today in Lafayette and Lake Charles should reach the middle 90s. Combine that with some oppressive humidity readings and the heat indices will range from 106 to 111 degrees between the hours of 11 am and 8 pm today.

The only saving grace could be a passing afternoon or early evening shower or thunderstorm. Forecasters with the National Weather Service Office in Lake Charles only give that about a 20% probability during the afternoon and evening hours for today and tomorrow.  The next better threat of showers will come later in the week, around Thursday, when rain chances will be near 40% for the afternoon.

If you plan to be outside today, especially during the hotter hours, you are encouraged to take precautions. That means taking frequent breaks from strenuous activity and drinking plenty of water. Light-colored and loose-fitting clothing is your best bet in choosing what to wear while out in the heat.

Also, make sure outside pets have plenty of freshwater and a shady place to rest and be mindful about leaving anything, especially children in an enclosed vehicle as temperatures can rapidly escalate during the heat of the day.


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