Yesterday (Wednesday) Judge Durwood Conque ruled against Lafayette Parish School Superintendent Pat Cooper on two issues. According to our news partners at KATC Judge Conque ruled that three board members; Tehmi Chassion, Mark Babineaux and Hunter Beasley did not have an "irreversible bias" against him. Judge Conque went on to say,

It cannot be forgotten that Cooper was elected by the slimmest majority of the Board, suggesting that he never, even from the beginning, had the full support of the Board for his plans for reconstitution of the school system.

On the separate issue of an illegally adopted budget Cooper argued the board did not properly adopt a budget because they didn't advertise the budget or make it available for public inspection. Cooper said his budget was advertised. Judge Conque said only Cooper's budget needed to be advertised.

Conque wrote,

The Board's position is supported by both the law and evidence. The Board's Chief Financial Officer, Billy Guidry, testified that the differences between the proposed and the adopted budget were not legal in nature, but rather over differing policy views between the Board and Cooper.

Conque refused Cooper's requests on both issues.

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