The word has come from Washington that the U. S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case against Obamacare.  The Obama Administration has said that they are confident that the healthcare law will prevail once the court hears it.  Opponents are equally as confident.  The bottom line of all of this is can the federal government require people to buy something with the threat of an IRS fine if they don't?  Many states are interested to know as they have filed suit against the government

I believe that the court will sort this out and make a ruling on behalf of those that want it thrown out.  The decision will be 5-4, but it will be sorted out one way or another.  Too many people are affected by this overreach of the government to have it stand up in the highest court in the land.

The interesting thing will be the timing of this.  The decision is said to be coming down in June of next year, just a few short months before people will decide whether or not they want Barack Obama in the White House for another 4 years.  It should make healthcare a big issue in this election, which will be fine for many since they see it as an issue that President Obama is weak on.

We all knew that the court would take the case, but my money is on the court throwing the law out.  No one can require you to buy anything that you don't choose to or can't afford to.  Hopefully, the case will be closed quickly on this one.