According to a 2014 Louisiana survey conducted by the LSU Public Policy Research Lab, almost half of the people polled have no idea what Common Core is.

Political science professor Kirby Goidel says the study found that people who were familiar with the new controversial learning standard did not feel it helped students prepare for college.

"So what we're seeing is some evidence that the more people know about it, the less people like it," Goidel said.

The survey was conducted between Feb. 4-24 and questioned 1,095 people.

Supporters of Common Core say the new education standards would put Louisiana more in line with students from other states and countries.

Goidel says not many they surveyed agree with that.

"When we look at the issue about whether or not it will make students more college ready," Goidel said, "we have about 19 percent overall say they are very confident that it will make students more college-ready."

Goidel says the challenge for those who support the new education standards will be the people who know a lot about it and don't seem to have the confidence it will serve its intended purpose.

"So the real question about the future of Common Core will people about those people who don't really know about it right now and whether or not they'll support it," said Goidel.