During the school year it's the students that sweat getting report cards and grades. During the Summer months a lot of that grading scrutiny falls on administrators and educators as school systems look to revamp and revitalize their programs before the Fall.

The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the BESE board if you will has just given out their report card concerning State Superintendent of Education John White. It looks as if Mr. White has passed this year with one of the best grades ever.

Chas Roemer spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network about Mr. White's review and he explained why the Superintendent received such high marks. Among the reasons given was the way that White handled the very controversial topic of Common Core.

The effort that he was putting forth was what we needed. He kept all doors open in terms of communication.

The superintendent was given a 3.3 score on a 1 to 4 scale. With 1 being the worst and 4 being the best. As you can see, John White has done a very good job in the eyes of the BESE board.

The number of kids who are receiving high test scores on AP tests, the number of students who are graduating from high school and the number of students who are going to college.

Criteria for the evaluation was based on classroom data, leadership, and management style. One of the areas that Mr. White did not score highly in was in kindergarten readiness. Steps have already been taken to address that situation so that Louisiana's youngest students are starting their school career's on the best foot possible.

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