A survey finds most parents’ believe their children are performing better than what their test scores actually show.

Nine in 10 parents believe their children are or above grade level, but data shows the number is really closer to one-third. Public Relations Chair for the Louisiana PTA Stacey Simpson,

“They see their report cards and they see them performing well and they think that’s the end of it. That they are at level.”

Simpson says with the school year about to start, review your student’s test results.

“At your first teacher meeting, be sure to bring your child’s state test results. If you don’t understand those, ask the teacher, partner with them. Find out what is expected of your child this year and find out what you can do at home to help them.”

Simpson says to help improve your child’s academic achievement make sure you stay involved.

“One of the main things that parents need to do is make learning fun, make it cool, read together, discover topics that interest your child, find math in everyday life.”

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