As if dealing with damages and losses from not one but two hurricanes wasn't enough some Louisiana families woke up yesterday to find that their Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or DSNAP cards were no longer working yesterday. Officials with the DSNAP program blame the issue on a glitch in their system and they were working diligently throughout the day and night to restore benefits to those in need.

DSNAP recipients in the five parish area of Louisiana designated for assistance from Hurricane Delta did not have their second month's worth of benefits loaded on their cards as a result of the system failure. The system failure affected DSNAP users in Allen, Calcasieu, Cameron, Jeff Davis, and Vermilion Parishes.

If you experienced an issue with your DSNAP card officials with the program say that those benefits should be restored by Thursday, October 29th for residents of Allen and Vermilion Parishes. DSNAP recipients in other affected parishes should see their benefits posted to their cards and accounts no later than Friday, October 30th.

Those who are currently using DSNAP benefits are encouraged to not cancel their current card or reapply for more benefits. This will only complicate you getting the assistance that you need. Officials with the program remind you that despite the delay in restoring your benefits you will not lose any of the benefits that are coming to you.

They ask that you simply be patient while the issue is taken care of and of course should you have questions or concerns feel free to reach out to the Louisiana Department of Child and Family Services.  


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