The Power Of A Father — Not Necessarily The News
Hey! I’m Tootie Landry and this is what I found out today! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing a young man who reminded me about the power of a Father in someone’s life. This 17 year old has been inspired by his father in every way possible...
Tebow Shouldn’t Cut It Out
Tim Tebow has gone through a lot of criticism over the course of this football season.  Everything from his style of play to his preferred religious practices and beliefs have been diced over in the media and he has been told to tone it down from people like Jake Plummer and and even Kurt Warne…
Merry Christmas—So There!
I don't know you maybe, but I do know this; I love America! I love freedom of speech, all the rest of the things protected in the Bill of Rights, and I will stand up for you to express your opinion, so why do some of you get so weirded out when I tell you Merry Christmas!