On September 11 of 2007, Paul Bosworth of Lafayette, had a fall that altered the way he lives his life now.

As a result of the fall, he suffered a traumatic brain injury. Bosworth tells KPEL that it took him years to get a diagnose, and he continues to help others who suffer so that their path forward might be an easier one.

He has formed the group Amaze Foundation which can be found at amazefoundation.org. You can also find information on his group's Facebook page.   Bosworth says his mission is to help anyone who wants to learn more about brain injury, therapy for brain injury, and guidance after an injury.

When he spoke to KPEL, he brought many statistics about how many people are suffering from issues related to the brain. According to the Brain Injury Association, someone in our country has a brain injury every nine seconds. He says an Acquired Brain Injury is not something you're born with. He says Traumatic Brain Injury is classified as trauma that happens to your brain from an outside source.

The number one cause of TBI is from people who fall; that accounts for 47.9% of the reported cases of Traumatic Brain Injury. Other causes include things like assaults are being injured in an automobile crash.

Bosworth points out, in the interview below, that local support and help are available.

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