A super sweet gesture from an elementary school teacher. Congressman Mike Johnson's son, like many kids started going back to school recently. The children all presumably came to school with masks of their own, but Ms. Bailey at Legacy Elementary made sure all the children in her class had a specific type of hand-made masks.
The masks are like normal masks, but the mouth part is a clear plastic-type material, so that the mouth of the child can be seen. The reasoning behind this, is Ms. Bailey has a little girl in her class with hearing-impairment, and the children's mouths need to be seen for her to read their lips.
The Congressman praised the teacher's amazing idea on his public Facebook page and explained that Ms. Bailey stitched all the masks herself! The Congressman wrote the following:
"Will delivered an exciting report to us yesterday afternoon about his first day of school at Legacy Elementary. And then he showed us this. Because one of the sweet little girls in his class is hearing impaired, the Legacy instructional coach, Ms. Leslie Bailey, went home and stitched for EVERY student a custom mask--with a clear panel--so they can all read lips as they listen.
We love this so much! In the midst of all the difficulty and heartache of the pandemic, expressions of hope and humanity are what keep everyone going. Our teachers and school system employees are performing selfless, heroic acts like this every day, and showing our kids what real commitment looks like.
Leslie Bailey, thank you!"

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