The New Orleans Saints have made lots of trades over the years, and have been on the wrong end of plenty of them.

Bring up a few names from the "list of bad Saints trades" to a Saints fan, and you'll be met with a visceral reaction from the core of fandom.

The truth is, a trade can swing the fortune of a franchise in a major way.

On one end, a team can hit a homerun trade as the Saints did with linebacker Jonathan Vilma, receiving him from the New York Jets in 2008 in exchange for a 4th and 3rd round pick.

Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Vilma quickly become a team captain, multi-time Pro Bowler, and led the defense of the 2009 Super Bowl Championship squad.

Had Vilma faltered after he arrived in New Orleans, the Saints would've never won the Super Bowl.

The other end of a trade is the side no one wants to be on. A move that can set a franchise back several years.

As good as Jonathan Vilma was, Johnathan Sullivan was just as bad, and New Orleans gave up far more draft capital to select him in the draft than they did to acquire a proven commodity like Vilma.

Here is a list of the absolute worst New Orleans Saints trades of all time.

Worst New Orleans Saints Trades of All Time

A rundown of the absolute worst New Orleans Saints trades of all time.

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