It was one of the bigger attractions at the Scott Boudin Festival this past weekend, but truthfully, it should be a permanent fixture.

One by one, I saw tons of my friends posting photos with a huge 'BOUDIN' sign—except, the "I" was missing and folks were standing in the space. My first thought was the 'LAFAYETTE' sign with the missing "Y."

People stand in for the letters and post photos to social media. People see it, and voila—our region is on the map and anyone who visits will definitely want to get their photo taken at that landmark as well.

But back to my original point, the photo above is from Desirae Quebedeaux who told me that the letters were a "hit" at the Boudin Festival and that "a lot of people were taking pictures." As it would turn out, the letters were an idea from Scott Mayor Jan-Scott Richard that he was proud to see come to fruition.

I've reached out to Mayor Jan-Scott Richard through our afternoon guy, JoBo, so I can't wait to hear more about the letters from him, BUT, in the meantime, can we make a push to have these letters put in permanently?

As far as where they should be built, I would think that they may already be in the perfect spot, but I'm also open to hear what the locals in Scott think about it. Should it be near one of the hot boudin spots? Let me know what you think, and share this if you agree that the 'BOUD N' letters should be built permanently in the Boudin Capital of the World.

And don't forget kids: There's no "I" in "team," but in Scott, you can be the "I" in "boudin."

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