Looking at tropical forecast models and trying to figure out what the future holds regarding the disturbance known as Invest 99L is a lot like using WebMD. When you go to that medical website you discover your symptoms are either a minor skin rash or they are definitely fatal.That's what it seems like to me anyway. So seems to be the wide variations on what forecasters can project for this particular system. It's either going to be a big pain in the butt or we're not even going to notice it at all.

The 2 AM update from the National Hurricane Center suggested that Invest 99L was actually weaker this morning than it has been over the past few days. There is still no well defined closed center of circulation. The system is also encountering less than good conditions for strengthening.

The Hurricane Center has even lowered the probability of Invest 99L becoming a tropical cyclone over the weekend to 30%. Over the next five days forecasters are only suggesting there is a 60% probability for the system to actually spin up in to a tropical depression or earn the name Hermine as a tropical storm.

The tropical forecast models are now so wide spread you could be correct by saying the system will affect anywhere from Cuba to Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. This is weather speak for we have no idea where this thing might go. One computer models even suggests it won't go anywhere and will actually die out over the weekend because of the hostile environment.

Based upon a less than confident grasp of the future of Invest 99L here's what we can suggest to you. Don't let this system change your weekend plans. Do check back here a few times to get the latest on what may or  may not be a concern for you next week.

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