Webster's dictionary defines "mascot" as a person or thing that is supposed to bring good luck or that is used to symbolize a particular event or organization.

With a dozen teams in the Sun Belt, each school has its own take on a mascot in uniform.

However, changes are coming soon.

On July 1st, several schools are on the way out (UT-Arlington, Little Rock), while four schools will officially enter the SBC.

But for the next 5 weeks, the mascots of the Sun Belt look like this.

Eight animals, two Trojans, a Mountaineer, and a school in Louisiana who currently doesn't have a mascot in costume make up the group.

Cayenne is likely never coming back. The same can be said for Cajun Man and Cajun Chicken.

Photo by Brad Kemp
Photo by Brad Kemp

As of today, the Sun Belt has a few common mascots, and a number of unique ones.

The Mascots of the Sun Belt

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