If you are a football fan and love to eat, then you love the NFL on Thanksgiving. It has become the NFL’s most coveted tradition and is widely loved by the leagues fan base. The tradition of playing on thanksgiving started back in 1934 when the Lions played the Bears. From that point on, the tradition has grown to where there are now three games featured on Thanksgiving Day.

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The tradition has even grown to feature the Lions at Ford Field and the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T stadium every year. The first game begins at Ford Field at 12 noon, followed by the second game in Dallas at 3:30, and ending with the final between two randomly selected opponents at 7:00 P.M. The NFL on Thanksgiving has become a fan favorite and is also seen as a special opportunity for players to compete in these games.

Buffalo Bills v Dallas Cowboys
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Nothing gets much better than a whole day of food, family, and football. If you love this tradition, then get ready for the start of a new one. The NFL has partnered with amazon to add a game on Black Friday.

This is honestly perfect to me. Think about it, what better way to recover from all that food and family time than watching another football game? So far, it seems like fans like this idea of having an additional game on Friday.


I can potentially see this as the start to a new tradition in the NFL and so do fans.

I normally like to watch college football on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but I am not opposed to having more football on TV. What do you think about the NFL’s new Black Friday game?

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