What is amazing to me is that I have waited a half a century to try cooking my hot dogs like this. I agree the spiral cut means a little more work on the front end but the benefits of cooking a hot dog this way are huge.

The dog won't roll around on the grill and it makes for even cooking. The spiral slicing makes it easier to manage your meat products over a hot flame. I do like the charred caramelized taste of a grilled hot dog so have more of that for my mouth is a good thing.

One of the worst problems with hot dogs is biting on one end and having all of your condiments come shooting out the back end. This spiral cut holds the condiments in place along side the meat. That means more chili per bite, more mustard per bite, and more whatever else you put on your hot dog per bit.

I also like the way you can affect the weenie to bun ratio. There is nothing worse than a condiment filled bite of bread with no meat. That is just not the American way of doing things.

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