There are more issues that are facing taxpayers and citizens in St. Landry Parish when it comes to finances for the School System.  The St. Landry Parish School Board Finance Committee has is now recommending that the school district declare a financial emergency again this year.

The decision about making this recommendation came yesterday after an accounting firm hired by the Louisiana Department of Education.  The firm has determined that the St. Landry Parish System is doing what it can to work on the serious financial issues of the district.  As it stand now, the district has a deficit in the general fund that is estimated to be around 1 and 1/2 million dollars.

The district would be declared a fiscal exigency.  The general idea behind would be that it means the district will have more flexibility to make whatever budgetary decisions are necessary.  This would allow the district to make moves like consolidating programs and cutting personnel.

The school board meets next as a whole entity on July 12th where they will be reviewing what the committee decided.