My family and I ate one of my favorite meals last night, burgers.

So, I set out on a mission to find the best burger restaurants in our town. Some people like using Yelp, but I'm a Trip Advisor guy myself.

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The Top 10 Best Burgers In Lake Charles According To Trip Advisor:

1. Chart House - 4.5 circles (located in the Golden Nugget)

Google Maps

2. Luna Bar and Grill - 4.5 circles

Google Maps

3. Landry's Seafood House - 4.5 circles (located in the Golden Nugget)

Google Maps

4. Prime Cuttery - 5 circles

Google Maps

5. Southern Spice Restaurant and Grill - 4 circles

Google Maps

6. Maplewood Burgers Lake Charles - 4.5 circles

Maplewood Burgers Facebook

7. Walk-On's Sports Bistreaux - 4 circles

Google Maps

8. MacFarlane's Celtic Pub - 4 circles

Google Maps

9. Nina-P's Cafe - 4.5 circles

Google Maps

10. Loggerheads Bar - 4 circles

Loggerheads Bar And Grill Facebook

You may be asking yourself why some restaurants rank higher than others on the list but have a lower ranking. Trip Advisor will rank a restaurant that has a ton of reviews higher over another restaurant that has a few reviews even though the scores should suggest otherwise. I think this is very fair because anyone can get their family and friends to give their restaurant a five-circle review even if the food doesn't deserve it. That's not a dig on any restaurant on this list; I'm just explaining why having more reviews carries more weight in Trip Advisor's rankings.

Did your favorite burger joint make the list? If not tell us in the comments of our Facebook post.

To see the full list of best-rated burger restaurants in Lake Charles, click here

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