On Saturday around 6:00 PM, the Louisiana State Police responded to a complaint about a reckless driver in Calcasieu Parish. Troopers stopped the car at the intersection of Gauthier and Nelson Road.

The driver, Marty Courville, was determined to be impaired with two children, ages nine and ten, in the rear seat. Courville was arrested for DWI, child endangerment, driving under suspension and improper lane usage. Her blood alcohol level was over three times the legal limit at .271%.

Carolyn Bushnell was called to the scene to pick up the children, and when she arrived, police determined that she was drunk as well with a blood-alchohol level of .197%. She was also arrested on charges of DWI.

The children were taken to the station and one of the children's father arrived. Police then found out that he was the one who given the children to Courville to care for them. He stated that he didn't think that Courville was "that drunk" and was promptly arrested for child neglect.

The children are now safe with relatives.