Emergency response and search-and-rescue crews are working in Orleans and St. Bernard Parish to find survivors who are trapped beneath the rubble created by Tuesday night's tornado.

According to St. Bernard Parish officials, one person has died as a result of the storm, while several others have been taken to local hospitals with injuries.

The storm's intensity was on full display on live television while it passed through Greater New Orleans. WDSU-TV meteorologist Margaret Orr narrated live video of the tornado's path and wrath during her breaking weather coverage Tuesday night.

On Wednesday morning after daylight, we saw the first clear images of the damage caused by that tornado.

According to the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal, troops from the United States Army Reserve and deputy fire marshals are assisting local officials with their search efforts. Soldiers and marshals were deployed late Tuesday night to begin their work. Since then, they have continued their mission non-stop.

The State Fire Marshal's Office and the USAR are getting assistance from civilian groups. The Louisiana State Urban Search and Rescue Task Force and the Baton Rouge Fire Department are among the groups assisting with the search-and-rescue effort.

St. Bernard Parish President Guy McInnis is asking people, especially sight-seers, to stay away from the storm-affected areas. McInnis asked groups who want to assist with the recovery effort to contact his office to coordinate their arrival in the area.

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