Millions of dollars in grant money are now available for Brown Park on East Pont Des Mouton, and two Lafayette council members are hoping the public will give them ideas on the future of the park.

Lafayette City Council District 1 Councilman Pat Lewis along with Lafayette Parish District 5 Councilman A.B. Rubin will be hosting a town hall meeting about Brown Park this Wednesday, January 16.

Both councilmen are hoping that anyone in the area of Brown Park who might be interested in future changes would join them at the meeting. They want to hear ideas about how the park can be improved and what that improvement should look like.

In a press release from Councilman Lewis, he says they are hoping to transform Brown Park into a facility that is similar to St. Julien Park in Broussard. This is the park that is also known as the Broussard Sports Complex.

With two grants totaling more than $9 million, there are multiple changes that will be made to the park, but what should be done will be up to the community to give their input. The two councilmen are hoping that neighbors and any businesses adjacent to the park will come to the meeting which will be held at the Dupuis Center in the park at 1212 East Pont Des Mouton. The meeting begins at 6 o'clock Wednesday night, and it's slated to end at 7:30.

The councilmen are hoping people will come to the meeting with ideas and suggestions for what kind of improvements can be made to make the park ready for the future.

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