Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Trooper Stephen Hammons, Public Information Officer for Troop I State Police said all accidents should be reported.  Recently we've had reports of wildlife being killed while crossing rural roads and highways so we asked Trooper Hammons if the incidents should be reported.  Hammons said,

All such accidents should be reported because at some point the vehicle owner will probably ask an insurance company to pay for damages.  Insurance companies require a police report before they will investigate and pay a claim.  You can't call police a day after the accident and expect them to recreate an accident scene based on recollection.

On another topic Hammons said officers from Troop I in Lafayette and Troop D in Lake Charles had been dispatched to New Jersey to help with Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.  He said those officers were helping with curfew enforcement as well as humanitarian efforts.

Listen to the interview:

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