(St. Martinville, LA.)-Narcotics Agents with the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office conducted a narcotics investigation yesterday in the 1100 block of Grand Anse Hwy., in the Cecilia area of St. Martin Parish following complaints of suspected illegal narcotics activity. 
Upon arrival at the residence, Narcotics Agents with the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office made contact with the occupants of the residence and obtained a consent to search the residence. 
During the search, Agents located suspected methamphetamine, prescription medication, suspected counterfeit prescription medication, several firearms, drug paraphernalia, and U.S. currency.  The suspected counterfeit prescription medication that was located by Agents was found mixed in with other prescription medication.  It appeared and is suspected that the counterfeit prescription medication may have been sold as diverted prescription medication for profit.  Agents also located a Louisiana SNAP Card which was issued to someone who was not residing at the residence. 
At the culmination of the investigation, the following two individuals were arrested and charged as follows:
Photo Courtesy of The St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office


Vincent Lormand, 62, Cecilia, LA.
  • LA. R.S.-40:968A-Manufacture; Distribution-Schedule III Narcotics-1 Count
  • LA. R.S.-14:95E-Possession Firearm Committing/Attempt Crime-6 Counts 
  • LA. R.S.-40:967A-Manufacture; Distribution; PWITD-Schedule II Narcotics-2 Counts
  • LA. R.S.-40:1041-Transactions Involving Proceeds From Drugs Offenses-1 Count
  • LA. R.S.-40:1023C –Prohibited Acts-Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia-1 Count
  • LA. R.S.-14:68.2 –Unauthorized Use Of Food Stamps -1 Count
  • LA. R.S.-40:969A –Manufacture; Distribution-Schedule IV-1 Count
  • LA. R.S.-40:971.1 –Prohibited Acts; False Representation-1 Count
Photo Courtesy of The St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office
Danielle Stevens, 41, Cecilia, LA. 
  • LA. R.S.-40:967C – Possession-Schedule II Narcotics-1 Count
  • LA. R.S.-40:1023C –Prohibited Acts-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia-1 Count
Following their arrests, they were both booked into the St. Martin Parish Correctional Center on the above charges.