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I totally understand that tax time is stressful.  That being said, there's really no need to hit anyone or pull a gun out during the process - especially if you are the tax professional responsible for preparing and filing someone else's forms as your business!

That exactly what investigators are alleging Latunya Wright did in Texas.  According to FOX23 Houston, the incident occurred late last week when Marquita Boyle (a customer of Wright's MZ BIZ Tax Services) went to the business to find out why she was being audited by the IRS.  When Boyle arrived, she reportedly witnessed Wright arguing with some other customers when she pulled out and cocked a (presumably) loaded gun at them.  Boyle pulled out her phone and started recording a video of the incident.

Allegedly, Wright noticed that she was being recorded and proceeded to to strike Boyle with the gun.  According to the report, Wright took the phone and attempted to delete the video - not realizing that the recording automatically archived and was easily restored.

Wright was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and aggravated robbery.  This won't be her first run in with the law - she reportedly was sentenced in 2012 to 4 years in prison for robbing a a multi-million dollar company that sells and services ATMs.

As for Marquita Boyle, she says that the attack has left her with blurry vision, painful headaches, and anxiety  - plus, she still has to answer to the IRS.

Let this be a reminder to thoroughly check out the folks preparing your taxes.

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