When I read this story I had to do a triple-take.  Algeria over the weekend asked for new efforts from the UN to limit freedom of expression.  Speaking to the UN General Assembly, Algeria's foreign minister Mourad Medeici called for global action to respond to violence provoked by a video produced in America that mocks Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad.  Medeici isn't the only one calling for this move.  Many other Muslim leaders want new laws that ban insults against Islam.

Ekmeleddin Ihsanglu, secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, said the deaths of two dozen people in violent protests against the anti-Islam film underscore the need for a ban on this type of free speech.  Malaysia's foreign minister Anifah Aman told the General Assembly,

"When we discriminate against gender, it is called sexism.  When African-Americans are criticized it is called racism.  When the same is done to Jews it is called anti-Semitism.  But why is it when Muslims are stigmatized and defamed, it is defended as 'freedom of expression'?"

I'll admit I can't answer Aman's questions about discrimination and racism.  I can only ask why is it that civilized people don't go out and savagely kill innocent people in retaliation for comments and slurs against Christianity?  I think any move to restrict our freedom of speech is one step closer to imposing Sharia Law on the world.

Radicals of any faith put freedom of expression in jeopardy.  We cannot have a world body dictate to America what laws should be applied on our sovereign soil.  What we can do is protect our citizens on domestic or foreign soil at all costs.  If a foreign country can't or won't help insure that protection we should remove our citizens and take whatever actions are necessary.

No wonder we are mocked and laughed at globally when our President and Secretary of State can't decide whether the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stephens and others was spontaneous or an act of terrorism.  President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton still don't know what to say when asked when they knew about a potential threat.  When and if it is ever determined who knew about this threat and when they knew should be held accountable.

I think we need to teach religious tolerance in America and I also think that should be a reciprocal arrangement.  I also know that radicals whether they are Christian or Muslim will always find some excuse to kill others.  You can't legislate morality in any language.

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