Republican Senate candidate Col. Rob Maness joined 'Go Acadiana's Back Pages' yesterday to discuss his candidacy with Dr. John Sutherlin and Ken Romero.

When asked how the campaign was going thus far Maness said,

Great. We've gone over 43,000 miles in our pickup truck in the last couple of weeks. Fundraising has come up. We've raised over $400,000 the first quarter of 2014. We've got a great 'grass roots' campaign that's gaining more momentum every day.

Endorsements play a large part in some campaigns and according to Maness,

We've got some great endorsements over the last few weeks. Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum has endorsed us. The Republican Liberty Caucus has endorsed us and the Gun Owners of America have endorsed us in the last two weeks.

Dr. Sutherlin asked Maness to contrast his views on the Second Amendment with those of Senator Landrieu. Maness replied,

Senator Landrieu has voted twice for the United Nations 'small arms control treaty'...I have taken the position that there is no further need for Federal infringement on the Second Amendment and I would keep any bills that try to do that from coming up for debate.

To hear more of Col. Maness's comments click the blue arrow below to listen to the entire interview.



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