With all the political commercials, mudslinging, news stories and more, we're just about done with this election season, and we've still got about a month to go until November 6th. So to take the edge off a little bit we picked a few Bad Lip Reading videos just for the debate to give you a 'different perspective' on just who the candidates are and what they stand for.

*Warning - some of the language can be considered 'colorful', a little tasteless and sometimes rude, but hey, isn't that what politics is about anyway?*

We challenge you to try to figure out what they were saying while listening to BLR throw random thoughts that match their lips.

Not taking either side of the debate, we're presenting both sides, first the incumbent, President Obama:

And now with the rebuttal, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney:

And coming soon, the vice-presidential debates between Joe Biden (D) and Paul Ryan (R). Here's a little preview of what we can hopefully enjoy for the next four years.

Joe Biden - BLR

Paul Ryan - BLR



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