Conservative blogger Bill Whittle visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss his upcoming Lafayette appearance.  Whittle will be appearing at the River Oaks Event Center on Thursday April 4, 2013.

We asked Whittle to give us some idea about what the focus of his presentation would be?  In reply Whittle said,

The country always follows the economy. We started out as an agrarian people and we had a government that was basically designed for individual farmers.  Our original federal government said 'keep the British away and the Canadians from coming down, those violent war-like animals.  Pave the road between the farm and the market and then leave us alone'.

According to Whittle,

The point I'm going to try to develop is as we move into the information age where you can order steel from China on your cell phone while I'm talking.  There's no way that a big stupid, slow, fossilized, heavily taxing, gigantically controlling government can run like that.  Government is going to have to change because the economy changes...there's nothing they can do about it.

When asked what he thought has galvanized Americans so much, Whittle said,

It's without question, a power grab on the part of the Federal Government.  It's not just in one area. It's not just in economic controls, it's not just in increased taxation, it's not just regulations...when you have to spend $20 million to do an environmental study to open up a dry cleaners in Baton Rouge it's gotten out of hand.

Whittle expanded on the point of what has galvanized Americans by saying,

When you start hearing the Attorney General say the President of the United States has the legal authority and presumably the moral authority to assassinate Americans on American soil because he deems them to be terrorists without due-process you're in real trouble.

Bill Whittle's Snap Out of It Tour is coming to the River Oaks Event Center, Thursday April 4, 2013.  Doors open at 6:30.  Tickets to the event can be purchased on line.

Whittle had a lot more to say about conservatives, liberals and the government.  You can hear more by listening to the interview: