What is the strangest thing you’ve had in your Christmas tree? A woman in Florida found a racoon in her Christmas tree after her dog brought it to her attention. Can you imagine the scene? Luckily for our entertainment the woman caught it all on video.

According to UPI.com, Aubrey Iacobelli woke up to her dog growling. After doing a little investigating, she discovered a racoon climbing in her tree. Apparently, it entered her home through the doggie-door. That dog’s heart must have been racing.  Wait, Aubrey’s heart must have been racing!

Warning: The video below contains some explicit language.

Iacobelli’s video shows all the craziness when the dog knocks the tree over while trying to get to the racoon. When the tree falls over, the raccoon immediately jumps on her chandelier. Sounds like a scene from a comedy film doesn’t it? The racoon was swinging from her chandelier for like 30 minutes. The chase was crazy. I tried to envision myself in her position and I have to give her mad props. Eventually, the racoon ran out of the house the same way it came in, through the doggie door.

Last year, a Georgia family found an owl in their Christmas tree. The Pigeon Express posted a photo of a 10-foot python wrapped up in a Christmas tree. I’ve heard stories of birds, squirrels, you name it, living in their Christmas trees. Back to my original question. What is the strangest thing you’ve had in your Christmas tree?

I’m sure this woman had nightmares.  When I saw this, the horrible memories came rushing back of that time I had a family of opossums living in my attic around Christmas time several years ago. I will never forget how scared I was that I might wake up to one of those critters living in my Christmas tree.  The sound of the scratching in my attic is stuck in my head now.

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