On my recent vacation, my son and I drove through 4 states and on our return home, shortly after getting back to Louisiana, he announced "Louisiana has the worst drivers in the country". I did not like hearing that, and wanted to find out if it might be true.
I've been doing a little research and decided to check out what truckers say about this debate. They are on the road every day and they travel across the country.

I found this report on the states with the highest accident rates:

1. Montana
Highest rate of drunk driving and also in the top for careless and reckless driving.

2. South Carolina
In the top five for road rage which is not good and SC has the highest fatality rate in the nation.

3. North Dakota
The biggest problem here is the high rate of drunk driving.

4. Texas
Drunk driving rates are quite high and fatalities in Texas are also near the top in the nation.

5. Louisiana
Fatalities on the road in our state is near the top and we also lead the nation in careless driving.

So maybe my son has a point. But I wanted to see more info. So I dug a little deeper.

WalletHub has a report that says traffic jams cost us $87 billion a year and part of the problem is the condition of our roads.


Trucker.com takes this survey each year and Louisiana has shown little to no improvement over the past several years. We have a problem of distracted drivers, tailgaters and drivers who are angry behind the wheel.



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