Downtown Lafayette Unlimited Chief Executive Officer Anita Begnaud joined Bernadette Lee on "Acadiana's Morning News" to talk about all the new things that will be coming to Downtown Lafayette. She also spoke with us preparing for Christmas activities that are slated for this season.

Jaci Russo

We were also joined by Jaci Russo with Downtown business, brandRusso. We dubbed it the "Women's Power Hour" on KPEL for Monday, September 13. Regular cohost Ian Auzenne had the day off.

Begnaud says every time she turns around she is fielding questions from business owners who are interested in bringing their brand to Downtown Lafayette. She says that two events are slated for next week that involve openings.

The CEO says there is a synergy that continues to build in Downtown Lafayette as more housing options are becoming available and more retailers are choosing the area to locate their shops.

Merry and Bright 1
Photo courtesy of Downtown Lafayette

She says looking forward to the holidays, the "Merry and Bright Holiday Series" is coming back this year. While she can't confirm which "in-person" events will be held as part of the series this year, she says that the decorations are definitely going to happen.

Merry and Bright 2
Photo courtesy of Downtown Lafayette

Because of COVID-19, it's hard to specify which events will include crowd participation, but two things are going to happen, sponsorships of wreaths and Christmas trees to decorate Downtown Lafayette.

Merry and Bright Christmas Trees
Photo courtesy of Downtown Lafayette

By sponsoring a tree, you can pick what theme, ornaments, and all decorations for the tree. It's a wonderful way to memorialize a person or share your business' story with our community.

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