Newt Gingrich recently got my undivided attention as a voter.  I should say as a voter of Cajun/French ancestry.  In a nationally aired commercial smearing Mitt Romney I heard the phrase "and Mitt Romney speaks French” and I was taken aback.
First off I thought what does that have to do with his ability to run the country?  Secondly I thought if that bothers Newt that much he must not need my vote or the vote of other people in Louisiana or Maine who speak some form of French.

I've always considered being able to speak another language an asset no matter what the other language might be.  Mitt Romney speaks French and I'm sure that served him well when he spent two years as a Mormon missionary in France!  Image trying to explain to a Frenchman in France why drinking his vintage red wine is a sin!

Some people have a hard enough time making their views known or understood in American English but yes Romney speaks French and quite well.  Wait until Gingrich finds out Romney probably speaks Spanish also!  Mitt's grandfather was born in Mexico and moved to the USA at the age of five.

Someone in Newt's "camp" must have realized how offensive the anti-French line was because the commercial only aired briefly.  I've got news for Newton Leroy Gingrich I have a long memory when it comes to insults of my heritage!