The debate was spirited to say the least on this week's edition of Wingin' It Wednesday, as panelists Carol Ross and Mike Stagg joined Bernie and Brandon to discuss their thoughts on various aspects of the Paris attacks, the Syrian refugee controversy, and Bobby Jindal's departure from the 2016 Presidential run.

Is the US response to the Paris terrorist attack and ISIS enough and is it appropriate?

Mike Stagg:

What is a nation-state’s response to a terrorist organization? If we learned anything in the last 15 years, putting troops on the ground in the Middle East is not a wise move for anybody. I don’t think we can afford the luxury of sending our people over there. The thing to understand is that the people who carried out the attacks in Paris were from Europe. They were not from the Middle East. These were European nationals who carried out these attacks coordinated by ISIS.

Carol Ross:

 ISIS is doing their best to occupy territory all over the Middle East.  President Obama’s response demonstrates a stunning disconnect. There he was Friday morning on Good Morning America saying we’ve contained them, and only a few days later, ISIS carried out coordinated attacks in Paris. They were radical Muslims. Just a few weeks after the suicide bombings in Beirut and the Russian airliner and the Charlie Hebdo shootings.  The FBI arrested Terrence McNeil an ISIS agent in Ohio and there are now 900 active investigations of ISIS operatives inside the US. Do you think we’ve really contained them? What's the old saying, 'There are none so blind as those that will not see.'

Emotions ran highest during discussion of how to approach the relocation of Syrian refugees.

Is this right or wrong: Jindal issues an executive order against accepting Syrian refugees in Louisiana.

Carol Ross:

Governors now want to block the refugees coming into their states, but legally they can’t do it. There’s such a backlash against this that they’re writing bills in Congress. Congress needs to grow a spine and cut off the funding. There’s a jump in the number we’re accepting, how are the vetting these people? Who does the vetting? The UN High Commissioner on Refugees along with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, they’re the ones vetting who is coming into this country, and by vetting, they’re saying we don’t know who the hell these people are because there’s no government left in Syria to give us any background, any records. The people vetting them are not our friends and it’s a total sham and mockery.

Mike Stagg:

The FBI has been vetting these people. It's a year - long process. You're making crap up that you're getting from your other right - wing sycophants. These people have been on a list for years trying to get into the United States. You ever read the inscription on the Statue of Liberty? 'Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses?' You're all a bunch of cowards scared of grandmothers and kids. These are people fleeing terror in their own country. Y’all are pathetic, just cowards trying to gain political advantage out of it.

Click the image above to listen to the rest of the discussion, which also featured our panelists' comments on Bobby Jindal's decision to end his presidential campaign and what they would do if elected governor of Louisiana.

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