The Post-Katrina action group Women Of The Storm take their "FEMA tarp" blue umbrellas to Capitol Hill in Washington DC today. WOTS founder Anne Milling says they're in DC to urge Congress to pass any Gulf oil spill fines paid by BP on to be used for coastal restoration.

Women Of The Storm is made up of ladies from differing backgrounds and political leanings, with membership stretching from Florida west to Texas. Milling says they want to see at least 80% of fines paid by BP put directly into rebuilding the coast. Milling says WOTS is in support of legislation by Metairie Congressman Steve Scalise that would send BP fines to the Gulf Coast states.

She says WOTS members will split into teams to lobby as many congressmen and women as possible. She says it's not like Louisiana is asking for more federal funds.

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