American citizens are scrambling to get back to the states after an Arizona border crossing was closed. Some are now using the migrants playbook ...

Last July, Border Patrol agents reported 42,561 "encounters" with both legal and illegal crossers. Overwhelmed, a drastic action was needed.

The sheer number of crossers caused agents to be reassigned to monitor other areas leaving none to man the actual crossing so it was closed.

Now American citizens have to choose between a dangerous and time consuming commute to another crossing to enter the USA legally ... or they can do it illegally.

The closure means those on the Mexican side of the border have to travel through ports of entry in Nogales or San Luis Rio Colorado to the east or west, turning a journey of 30 minutes or an hour into a six-to-eight hour odyssey.

“There’s so many people that are so upset seeing all these 10,000 illegals coming in a day, and they’re coming through a wall that the cartel cut a hole in,” real estate broker Robin Miller, who lives in the beach town of Rocky Point, told The Post. -

Why Are Americans Crossing Illegally Rather Than Going To Another Crossing?

That journey to another crossing not only takes forever, the roads are in very bad shape and they run through dangerous areas ran by the cartels.

Seeing illegals simply walk through openings seems safer, quicker and easier.

A steady flow of illegals crosses into Arizona despite Border Patrol efforts. Within 24 hours of the Lukeville crossing being closed, 12,000 migrants crossed into the US.

According to nypost.comCBP figures from October showed 52,000 people had presented themselves at border stations, while a whopping 189,000 were apprehended while attempting to cross illegally.

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