Youngsville City Councilman Ken Ritter joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed a proposed hotel-motel tax, progress on construction of the Youngsville Sports Complex and the need for school improvements and construction.

When asked to explain the recent council vote on a hotel-motel tax Ritter responded by saying,

That resolution approves asking voters in Youngsville for a ballot initiative in October to fund an occupancy tax for our hotels in Youngsville.

When asked what the proposed hotel-motel tax would be Ritter said,

Four percent...It is an aggressive tax I agree, however at the same time I believe it is a fair tax because it's not levied against the citizens.  It's for people coming to use the Sports Complex.

Ritter went on to explain,

What we're really doing is looking for an alternative funding source as well because right now $19.5 million is the debt for Youngsville to pay for the Sports Complex.

According to Ritter the Sports Complex is still on target for an end-of-year opening.

Ritter had more comments about the Sports Complex and the education needs of the Youngsville community.  You can hear those comments in this interview:

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