The City of Youngsville has announced a groundbreaking ceremony for its new municipal complex at 12:30 today.

The artist's rendition of the facility was shared on social media, and it looks to include 3 main buildings that are interconnected: City Hall, the Youngsville Police Headquarters, and the Council Chambers.

Infrastructure improvements are already taking place at the roundabout of Iberia and Lafayette Streets where the complex will sit, and construction should begin soon.

The move to build a new complex comes in response to comments from residents of Youngville. According to The Advocate, Mayor Ken Ritter says that the public wants city officials to make improvements in the heart of Youngsville. This complex will bring together City Hall (which is currently located less than a block away from the future complex site) and the Youngsville Police Department (which is currently housed near Foster Park). Having these facilities together will create a "hub" for the city which, hopefully, will attract more retail facilities and restaurants to the downtown area.

With the newly-constructed (and almost complete) sidewalk from Sugarmill Pond, residents will have an easier time walking or biking around Youngsville.

A few new retail spaces have been popping up in the same area, and more are planned, which means more tax revenue for the growing city.

But what will happen to Jacques Street? I am curious to see.

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