LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) — The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal has upheld Jeffery Lee Guillory's conviction in the December 2007 attempted murder of a Lafayette woman.

Guillory, a suspected serial killer, was sentenced last year to 50 years at hard labor on his conviction of attempted second-degree murder and a concurrent 40 years at hard labor in the second-degree robbery.

Guillory had appealed those sentences as being overly excessive.

The appellate court issued a ruling Wednesday, upholding both the convictions and sentences.

Lafayette jury convicted Guillory on March 5, 2010 of beating and robbing Johnnie Rose Martinez in December 2007.

The Advocate reports Guillory is scheduled to stand trial May 9 in the 2002 death of 46-year-old Renee Newman.

He was arrested in December 2009 in the slayings of Newman and two other women.

(Information in the following story is from: The Advocate,