The massive sinkhole that formed about four years ago in Bayou Corne has showed reduced action and is close to stable. That’s the word from Assumption Parish Director of Emergency Operations, John Boudreaux, who says the sinkhole shows some growth but nothing intense.

He says the deepest part has reached 174 feet and is filling up with soil from the sides.

“Even though it’s quite deep, it’s showing less signs of dramatic growth with that depth.”

Officials say the sinkhole has grown up to about 35 acres. Boudreaux says some of the mandatory evacuations have been lifted on the east side on the sinkhole. He says there is another area that is under voluntary evacuations.

“The remaining area is still under mandatory until gas is removed and the investigation is completed.”

The company, Texas Brine, is in charge of managing the sinkhole because of irresponsible drilling in the area.

Boudreaux says although the sinkhole is stabilizing, experts believe it will continue to grow larger for decades.

“It’s going to take that long for it to stop but you’re not going to see what we saw with the trees slopping in and so forth, now it’s just a much slower progress.”