CL Bryant has seen it all.  He has been a Chapter President of the NAACP and a strong voice on the left.  Now, he is a strong voice on the right as a member of the Tea Party.  We spoke with him on the "Afternoon Drive Home" and asked him about his conversion, his new movie and his recent comments about African Americans and the Republican Party.

Bryant talked about the way that he changed from being on the left to being on the right.  He talked about how he turned down an opportunity to speak at a pro-choice rally and said as a result,

My star that was on the rise began to wane a little bit.  I told my wife they not only want to control me, they want to control the agenda.  And also want to use me to control others.  That's the operation.  That's the way the progressive left operates even today.

Rev. Bryant talked about his documentary film that is open around the country.  It is called Runaway Slave and he went around talking to a who's who of politics to create the narrative of the movie.  He mentioned that the policies that started in the "Great Society" programs have re-enslaved black America.  He said,

Once the policies of the Great Society kicked in, you saw the decline of a man being in the home and government became 'Daddy.'  And what's happening now, not only to black America, but all America, if in fact we don't reverse this trend, is that government will become our surrogate caretaker.

Bryant addressed recent comments that he made to, where he said that black Americans would be nuts not to be Republicans.  Bryant said that,

Black folks have been led to believe that anything that says conservative, or anything that says Republican is evil and against them.  But that's because they've been led to that point.  It's not anything that they've seen for themselves.

He said that Republicans need to relate the kinship of core values that black people have and Republicans have.  Bryant added,

Black people are by nature conservative.  Somehow we've been led to this point of thinking about how we can be best served if in fact we are given a place at the table instead of earning a place at the table as all other Americans of all other ethnicities have.

Bryant invited everyone to see his movie and get the message that he is sending to everyone.

Listen to the entire interview below: