Chef Pat Mould joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today along with his guest Mike Tarrentino.  Mike is the President of the Iberia Business Development Authority and Delcambre Direct

The Delcambre Shrimp Festival is scheduled for August 15-19 and Chef Mould will be making his first appearance there promoting fresh caught Louisiana shrimp and Delcambre Direct  Tarrentino explained that the Delcambre Direct initiative is an effort to promote fresh Gulf seafood and help restore the economy of Delcambre.  Due to hurricanes and the BP oil spill Delcambre's economy has suffered greatly.

Tarrentino said,

"The Delcambre Direct Seafood.Com initiative gives the consumer an opportunity to connect directly with the shrimper and to buy seafood right from the boat."

Tarrentino and Mould invited listeners to connect with boat captains directly by going to  Consumers can actually talk to boat captains while they are fishing to learn what will be for sale later in the day.

According to Tarrentino,

"Chef Mould's demonstations will go a long way to bring awareness to Delcambre Direct".  At the Festival we will be featuring locally caught product branded as 'Vermilion Bay Sweet' sold in one and half pound bags ready for cooking."

Listen to the interview: