Louisiana State Police Troop I spokesperson Brooks David said police cannot search your personal vehicle without a warrant or without probable cause.

Social media exploded Sunday after reports state police were searching the vehicles of those leaving the city of Breaux Bridge while police searched for an escaped inmate. Many accused state police of violating a person's Fourth Amendment right against a warrantless search.

"First of all the Fourth Amendment...is one of our most precious amendments," David said. "However, the checkpoint that was setup was not stopping every vehicle and saying, 'We are going to search your vehicle.'"

David said police asked drivers if they had picked up any strangers or if they could check their trunk.

"The person has the right to say 'no'," David said. In those cases, drivers would be allowed to move on. However, if an officer suspects wrongdoing or has probable cause, "they can detain that vehicle, get a warrant from a judge, or detain them for awhile and look and search that vehicle," David said.

David said no complaints about the checkpoint were filed with the troop.

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