I had to read the headline repeatedly for it to sink in.  According to ABC News:

US Boosts Aid to Syrian Opposition, Rebel Fighters

As a nation the United States can't make ends meet at home, sequestration is eminent, our military will be weakened and we're letting illegal immigrants out of jail to save money.........and we're giving money to Syrian rebels!  This is insane!  I'll admit it's only $60 million but it is $60 million we don't have.  Are we going to borrow the $60 mil from China to give to the rebels in Syria?

Seems like the Russians got burned by helping rebels before and we have been burned by helping rebels before so why do we want to do this?  This insane.  But get this part, again from ABC News and the AP,

The modest package of aid to the military wing of the opposition will consist of an as yet undetermined amount of food rations and medical supplies for members of the Free Syrian Army who will be carefully screened to ensure they do not have links to extremists.

That makes me feel so much more secure.  We will carefully screen the rebels to ensure they do not have links to extremists.  That's like asking a killer with a handgun if he's going to shoot you if you let him into your house.  Are you going to believe him?

So we give them "non-lethal" aid worth $60 million and they take over Syria then what?  Does the Administration think Syria will become an American loving outpost?  I don't think so and I think giving Syrian rebels or anybody else in the world any aid at this point in our economic crisis is insane.