The Lafayette Chamber of Commerce gave support Wednesday to school board Superintendent Pat Cooper's plan to "turn around" the district's schools.

Cooper presented his plan to the Chamber's educational division earlier in April, according to Nicole DesOrmeuax, Communications Director for the Chamber.

"The Chamber is eager to support a progressive agenda," says Jerry Greig, Chamber Chairman.

Cooper's plan, which many have called the "turnaround plan" or the 100 percent in...100 percent out plan" would get the district to a grade of "A" in six years. Right now, Lafayette Parish Schools have a "C".

Cooper hopes to accomplish that goal by focusing on reducing the dropout rate, and "improving teacher and school morale by providing incentives and discipline improvements." The plan would also improve student and staff wellness, along with fostering community involvement.

"A strong educational system  results in a solid workforce which is critical to creating higher paying jobs in the greater Lafayette region," Greig says.