LAFAYETTE, La -- Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft spoke out Thursday morning on allegations against his department which have resulted in a federal lawsuit against him and the police department.

While he didn't get into the specifics of the allegations, which include police corruption, racial discrimination, payroll fraud, crime statistics manipulation and harrassment, he did say time, patience and the judicial system will prove these allegations false.

"[The allegations] seem to be little more than a baseless and purposeful attempt to dishonor the Lafayette City Police Department and those who serve with honor and courage," Craft said.

Craft also expressed disappointment over the recorded conversations that were released by some in the media.

"To now have their names and private conversations, suddenly and without warning, thrust onto the six o'clock news has been traumatic and devastating to them," Craft said.

Ten current and former Lafayette police officers accuse the department of wiretapping, saying phone calls are recorded and monitored by the department.